Bichectomy (buccal fat removal)

Maybe you didn’t know what it was called but you know the principle: sculpted cheeks!

Bichat’s fat pad is mass of fat in your cheek, just below your cheekbones. It’s what gives some people a “chubby” or “round” appearance, which diet is unlikely to alter.

First things first

A dental surgeon will examine you to determine whether you’re eligible for this procedure, evaluate your medical condition, and plan the treatment. It’s also important to measure the size of the Bichat fat pads and determine the procedure needed to remove them. You may need premedication.

Bichectomy at the Dental Hygiene Clinic

The procedure takes place under local anaesthesia (like cavity removal). We remove these pads of fat to re-sculpt the face and create a harmonious appearance: the cheeks seem thinner, the cheekbones higher, and the proportions are improved.

The results are immediate, with mild postoperative effects: no need to take any time off. We use fine sutures that we’ll need to remove a week after the treatment.


After the procedure, we’ll give you recommendations for cleaning your mouth and maintaining proper dental hygiene. You’ll then be able to reveal your newly sculpted cheeks to the rest of the world (you can start with your friends and family, of course).

More and more patients are asking us for buccal fat removal: it’s the least invasive and most effective method to balance your facial features, with almost immediate effects. You don’t need to take any time off since you can go back to work the next day!

Dresse Schaer, Surgeon – CHD Lausanne.


On estimate after evaluation     starting at 2900.-

You can pay by invoice and in instalments.