Dental emergencies Geneva:
hours, prices, appointments

Dental emergencies in Geneva: find an appointment with an on-call dentist ASAP

Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva offers emergency appointments the same day or within 24 hours

Contact us at: 

022 920 33 33 022 920 33 33

Rue de Lausanne 65,
1202 Geneva

What should I do for a dental emergency in Geneva?

Here’s what we recommend if you’re dealing with a dental emergency in Geneva:

  • If your front teeth were damaged in an accident, keep the broken piece. We may be able to reattach it. You can store it in water, but using milk or physiologic serum instead will maximize your chances of saving it. 
  • Immediately report the accident to your insurer: it will cover all accident-related costs.
  • If you notice swelling, apply ice or a cold pack directly to the affected area.
  • Take pain relievers and anti-inflammatories as needed, unless you have any conditions that make them unsafe. 
  • Make an emergency appointment as soon as possible to limit damage to the surrounding tissue.

Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva: what counts as a dental emergency?

There are all kinds of dental emergencies that require dental care, including:

  • Acute tooth pain
  • Dental abscesses and facial swelling
  • Broken or cracked teeth due to an accident
  • Lost fillings
  • Lost or loose crowns, inlay cores, and bridges
  • Spontaneous gum bleeding
  • Broken orthodontic appliances
  • Detached permanent retainers
  • Broken or cracked prosthetics
  • Locked jaws

Of course, that’s a non-exhaustive list! Our on-call dentists will answer your questions as fast as possible.

What are Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva’s emergency hours?

At CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva, we can easily handle all your dental emergencies during our business hours. We are open from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Schedule an emergency appointment during our business hours or check in at reception without an appointment and one of our on-call dentists will see you as soon as possible. 

Where is our Geneva dental clinic located?

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva is located at rue de Lausanne 65, 1202 Geneva.

Our clinic is an easy walk from the Butini tram stop (line 14) and just 300 m from Cornavin station.

If you’d rather drive, you can use the regular and emergency patient spaces in our parking facility. Our clinic is also wheelchair accessible.

Does CHD also handle dental emergencies in other cities in Switzerland?

Yes, we also handle emergencies in Meyrin, Lausanne and Yverdon.