Dental Hygiene Clinic Yverdon – Nord Vaudois

Address, Hours et Contact

Yverdon – Nord Vaudois

Avenue Haldimand 105
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

 Train – Stop Yverdon-les-Bains (10 min from the train station on foot)
Bus 601 et 603 – Stop 14 avril

The CHD team in Yverdon

The typical CHD team is young, professional, and dynamic.

Did you think that dentists at the end of their career are necessarily more experienced? Actually, dentistry has changed considerably in recent years with the arrival of digital technology, 3D design, invisible orthodontic treatments and minimally invasive techniques. So we’ve chosen the best of each by focusing on areas of expertise and surrounding ourselves with young, dynamic, passionate practitioners trained in the latest dental techniques.

What’s the difference? We believe in listening to you and working with you, and we think it’s high time to modernize our profession.

Degree: 2009
Speaks: French, English, German

Degree: 2021
Speaks: French, English, Portuguese

Dresse Costa
Degree: 2015
Speaks: French, English, Portuguese

Dr Miceli
Degree: 2020
Speaks: French, English, Italian

Dr Arnaud
Degree: 2016
Speaks: French, English, Spanish

Dr Philippides
Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, English, Spanish

Executive Assistant
Degree: 2016
Speaks: French, English, Portuguese, Italian

Senior Dental Assistant
Degree: 2014
Speaks: French, Italian

Degree: 2017
Speaks: Français, Albanais, et débute en anglais

Degree: 2018
Speaks: Français, Anglais, Portugais

Degree: 2022
Speaks: Français, Anglais, Allemand, Serbe

Dr Thomas
Managing Partner
Degree: 2012
Speaks: French, English

Dr Ameur
Managing Partner
Degree: 2011
Speaks: French, English

5-star service and cutting-edge technology:

The CHD experience

Our specialists use the most innovative technologies: the EMS No-Pain system, 3D scans, cavity detection without X-rays, operating microscopes, etc.

Let’s take a look ! Let’s take a look !

Dental Hygiene Clinic Yverdon – Nord Vaudois

The CHD in Yverdon/Nord Vaudois is in front of the Invictus Tower (the highest in Yverdon!) and can be reached by train (a 10 min walk from the station), bus 601 or 603 (14 avril stop), or car (parking spaces in the surrounding area). And if you’re ecologically minded, hop on a bike or walk on over!

Thank you to all our lovely patients, and see you soon at the clinic!

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