The check-up

What if we finally took the time to understand what’s happening in your mouth? We have re-envisioned the concept of a dental check-up: at the CHD, we take our time and explain everything you need to know.

First things first

You probably dragged your feet to come here, since we’re sure you’ve been dreading this visit and would rather be sitting by the lake, sipping your favourite drink.

We get it. That’s why we want to make your check-up better than usual. We think that starts by taking the time you need to understand what is happening in your mouth. And while we’re at it, we want nothing less than to fully modernize dentistry.

The CHD Check-up

Are you comfortable? Did you enjoy the CHD’s bar? Then let’s get started!

This visit includes a thorough clinical exam, X-rays, and pictures so we can show you the things you can’t see yourself and discuss them together.

Why do you need X-rays? Without them, we’re basically “blind” and can’t tell you what’s happening between your teeth. This clinical data gives us many important details about your mouth: why do you develop cavities between your teeth and not on the visible sides? Why do you chew more heavily on one side? Why are some teeth more worn than others? The clinical exam will help us answer these questions, like detectives on a case. This way we’re not just focused on short-term problems, but on preventing them from recurring.

We’ll analyse your exam results and explain them to you clearly and honestly. Remember: to successfully reduce dental problems, patients need to be involved in their own care. The more you know, the more you’ll want to know and the more attention you’ll pay to your oral health. This is what we call a virtuous circle.


After we gather your clinical data, you’ll see that some of your teeth need treatment while others need to be monitored. You won’t need to remember the details since we note everything in your medical file. We’ll schedule your treatments based on priority and give you a cost estimate for the next visit. Please note that we’ll never exceed the estimate.

What’s our favourite thing to hear after a CHD check-up? ‘This is the first time anyone’s ever taken the time to explain this to me!

Dr Marin, Dentist – Clinique CHD Lausanne.


Dental check-up including X-rays     95.-

Dental check-up with X-rays as part of the Clean service     50.-