Our #pledge in 3 words?

Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.

The CHD’s reason for being is to make dental hygiene and prevention accessible to all.

Prevention has never been as important in general medicine. It limits the emergence of diseases and prevents their development. And yet, only one medical discipline still ignores prevention: our own, dentistry.

So far, there are no specific public health objectives for dental care, and the figures speak for themselves:

After the introduction of toothpaste and fluoride salt in the 1950s, there was a marked reduction in cavities. But despite an increase in the density of dentists since the 2000s, the cavity rate hasn’t fallen any more, and even increased slightly in the early 2000s.

Why? While there’s no single reason for this stagnation, we think that our way of looking at dental care must change:

Dentists need to change their working methods so that hygienists no longer play a supporting role, relegated to serving as “tartar removers”. And if other dentists won’t do this, then we will!

All studies show that most diseases and complications from oral pathologies can be avoided through prevention and proper oral hygiene. It’s time to give patients control over their oral health so they’ll never have to go through endless dental treatments again: a preventive rather than a curative approach.

This was the philosophy, founded on a clear public health objective, that inspired us to open the CHD in April 2016.

Who are we?


In its quest for excellence, the CHD has been certified member of the “Slow Dentistry Global Network”, which rewards dental clinics with the goal of providing the highest quality care and services, while taking extra time for each patient.
The benchmark for quality concern both the time allocated for each treatment, the protocols, but also services and patient safety.
It is with great pride that we are now part of this global network, which belongs to the Foundation for Excellence in Dental Medicine, and has only awarded 3 dental clinics in Switzerland !

We know that public health isn’t a very exciting topic. But if we can make even a small impact on the community, we’ll have s쳮ded in changing dental medicine by promoting a preventive rather than curative approach, as is already the case in human medicine.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our patients, without whom none of this would have been possible, as well as our clinical staff who continue to inspire us with their professionalism and endless enthusiasm!

See you soon,

Teeth & Love