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What are the prices for procedures at CHD?

Bouche normale

Medical-dental procedureFees or range of fees charged
Descaling + polishing + 2 control X-rays140 chf flat rate
Home whitening390 chf
Dental check-up95 chf
Caries treatmentOn quotation from 180 chf to 420 chf
Dental implant + crownOn quotation, from 2900 chf
Adult orthodonticsFrom 125.- CHF / month
Invisalign (transparent aligners)From 146.- CHF / month
Children's orthodonticsFrom 146.- CHF / month
Dental veneersApprox. 1200 chf per veneer

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To find out the exact cost of treatment, the dentist, surgeon, orthodontist or hygienist will draw up an estimate and give it to you as soon as possible, which under no circumstances may be exceeded. There are no surprises, your treatments are explained to you and all you have to do is agree a payment arrangement with the assistants.

These can be achieved in 3 ways:

-Up to 24 monthly installments, interest-free
-An initial deposit, then monthly installments, interest-free
-Payment directly after each appointment

Our receptionists are on hand to answer any questions you may have about payment for your treatments and to ensure that your quotations are strictly adhered to: don’t hesitate to ask them!

How long will I wait for an appointment with a dentist at the CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire office in Meyrin? 

Expect to wait an average of at least 3 days for an appointment at Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin (except dental emergencies, which we treat the same day, within 24 hours).

At our dental clinic in Meyrin, we are committed to making your dental care seamless:

  • Extended hours, from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays
  • Appointments with our orthodontists and surgeons until 9 pm
  • A waiting list for appointments if we can’t find a time that works for you right away

Does Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin handle dental emergencies? 

Yes, of course we handle dental emergencies! We won’t leave you to suffer with an aching tooth and we’ll fit you in for a same-day appointment so you can get relief.

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire handles dental emergencies in Meyrin: you can make same-day emergency appointments from 7 am to 9 pm.

Emergency appointments are intended to:

  • Provide rapid pain relief
  • Keep infections from spreading and complications from developing
  • Plan any necessary follow-up care
  • Ensure you can eat normally as soon as possible

What types of care does the CHD clinic in Meyrin offer? 

At CHD Meyrin, we offer a full range of dental care.

Like all CHD clinics, CHD Meyrin has been certified as a member of the “Slow Dentistry Global Network“, a worldwide label belonging to the Foundation for Excellence in Dentistry, which rewards dental clinics that aim to offer care and services of the highest quality standards. CHD Meyrin is one of only 3 clinics in Switzerland to have been awarded this label. So don’t be surprised if we prefer to take our time with you, rather than chasing patients all day long!
And that’s not all! CHD Meyrin has also managed to earn the “Premium Dental Clinics” label, a prestigious award for excellence in dental care for a handful of dental clinics worldwide!
To top it all off, our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint have earned us the “Greenviu” ecological qualification: saliva pumps made from sugar cane, blotting papers made from eco-friendly cellulose fibers…: there are no limits to our efforts to rethink dentistry for the planet and for our patients!

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CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire: a dental clinic in Meyrin, inside the Riantbosson shopping center.

Do you see McDonald’s, Aldi, or Maxi-Bazaar? Then look up: the CHD in Meyrin is in the same building, on the 4th floor of the Riantbosson Centre. You can reach us via trams 14, 18 and 57 (jardin-alpin-vivarium stop), or by car via the Riantbosson car park. And if you’re ecologically minded, hop on a bike or walk on over!

Thank you to all our lovely patients, and see you soon at the clinic!

The story of CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire was founded in Geneva 2016 by 3 partners, Thainara, Sofian, and Robin, a dental assistant and 2 dentists… and most important of all, 3 friends!

Just 5 years after we opened with a grand total of 5 employees, we were proud to hire our 100th employee in 2023, as part of a team spread across 6 sites in Geneva, Meyrin, Lausanne, and Yverdon.

Our goal was to create welcoming, judgment-free spaces focused on dental hygiene and preventive care where everyone feels at home. 

Clinics with affordable prices and top-notch care. Our goal wasn’t low-cost dentistry, it was making “Made in Switzerland” quality affordable for everyone in a unique environment!

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Does your clinic offer cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers or alignment? 

We offer a full range of contemporary cosmetic dental procedures (veneers, whitening, crowns, gum contouring, etc.) and all of our dental clinics (Geneva, Meyrin, Lausanne, and Yverdon) have a trained cosmetic dentist on staff.

We also have the latest cosmetic planning technologies including a scanner, 3D and laser technology, and our own dental laboratory where our master ceramicists create your custom veneers.

Our cosmetic procedure prices are listed below:

  • Veneers: Custom quote, starting at 1,000 CHF
  • Crowns: Custom quote, starting at 1,200 CHF
  • Teeth whitening: 390 CHF for home treatment, 750 CHF for in-office + home treatment
  • Gum contouring (increasing or decreasing the amount of gum): Custom quote, starting at 400 CHF

Yes, some of our practitioners have completed additional training in cosmetic dentistry and can use the latest techniques to offer you the ideal solution for your needs. We also have the latest technologies, including 3D, scanners, and laser technologies, and our own dental laboratory where our technicians and master ceramicists create custom products like veneers.

Can I get my teeth cleaned at Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin? 

Cleanings and preventive care are what we’re all about! We are always thrilled to have you come in for regular cleanings with your dental hygienist in Meyrin.

You can get your teeth cleaned at Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin. We charge 140 CHF for a cleaning, which includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • A check-up
  • 2 x-rays

As part of our CHD Kids program in Meyrin, we charge just 79 CHF for children under 10.

And if you’re a student with a valid student ID, you can enjoy our student rate of 120 CHF.

We are passionate about oral hygiene and preventive care. In fact, they are the basis of everything we do. And we believe they are a major public health issue, too: 

Dental care shouldn’t just be a series of invasive treatments for issues that have already developed. It should be focused on preventive care, to keep those problems from developing in the first place.

Can I get my cavities filled at the Clinique Hygiène Dentaire in Meyrin? 

At CHD Clinique d’Hygiène Dentaire, we’ll treat your cavities and give you advice on preventing them in the future! Our fillings are painless and match your tooth color thanks to composite and ceramic technology. No more ugly gray fillings!

You can even chill out with your favorite Netflix show while we’re working on your filling. Who knew a filling could be so relaxing?

Of course we treat cavities at CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin.

The most common treatment is a composite resin filling, which is painless and blends perfectly into your teeth thanks to an attractive white finish. The procedure is simple:

  • We drill and clean the cavity
  • We sculpt the composite resin filling
  • We make sure that it fits
  • We also provide advice on oral hygiene to help your filling last

It’s not enough to just fill a cavity and call it a day! Regular preventive follow-up is key to avoid future cavities.

What kinds of routine dental care does CHD Meyrin offer? 

At CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Meyrin, we offer regular sessions with our hygienists to keep your mouth in great shape and prevent problems before they start. 

Don’t worry about remembering your next appointment, we’ll send you a text or letter or give you a call—your choice!—to remind you.

Regular cleanings can prevent a vast range of issues, including:

  • Cavities
  • Gum recession
  • Gingivitis (chronic gum inflammation)
  • Wisdom tooth infections
  • Halitosis (bad breath)

The CHD team in Meyrin

We are proud to be one of the dental clinics with the highest concentration of University of Geneva graduates under one roof.

The typical CHD team is young, professional, and dynamic.

Did you think that dentists at the end of their career are necessarily more experienced? Actually, dentistry has changed considerably in recent years with the arrival of digital technology, 3D design, invisible orthodontic treatments and minimally invasive techniques. So we’ve chosen the best of each by focusing on areas of expertise and surrounding ourselves with young, dynamic, passionate practitioners trained in the latest dental techniques.

What’s the difference? We believe in listening to you and working with you, and we think it’s high time to modernize our profession.

Dr Akdag
Diploma : 2022
Languages spoken : English, French, Turkish

Dr Boesiger
Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : English, French, German

Dr Ghukasyan
Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : English, French, German

Dr Joseph
Diploma : 2022
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Onetiu
Diploma : 2014
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Osman
Diploma : 2009
Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French

Dr Sanabria
Diploma : 2023
Languages spoken : English, French, Spanish

Dr Siwar
Diploma : 2023
Languages spoken : English, French, Spanish

Dr Christian SCHÜTZ
Diploma : 2018
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Hanriat
Diploma : 2019
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Peirolo Thibaut
Diploma : 2014
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Paul
Diploma : 2010
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Peirolo Robin
Surgeon Endodontist
Diploma : 2014
Languages spoken : English, French

Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : English, French, German

Diploma : 2008
Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French, Spanish

Diploma : 2016
Languages spoken : English, French

Diploma : 1993
Languages spoken : French

Administrative Manager
Diploma : 2008
Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French

Orthodontic assistant
Diploma : 2017
Languages spoken : English, French, Portuguese

Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : English, French

Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French, Portuguese

Diploma : 2018
Languages spoken : Arabic, French

Diploma : 2026
Languages spoken : English, French

Diploma : 2024
Languages spoken : French

Diploma : 2023
Languages spoken : French, Portuguese

Diploma : 2024
Languages spoken : French, Spanish

Diploma : 2028
Languages spoken : Arabic, French, Spanish

Executive Assistant
Diploma : 2008
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Robin Thomas
Managing Partner
Diploma : 2012
Languages spoken : English, French

Dr Sofian Ameur
Managing Partner
Diploma : 2011
Languages spoken : English, French

Thainara Mascaro
Managing Partner
Diploma : 2014
Languages spoken : English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Assistant Manager
Diploma : 2018
Languages spoken : Arabic, English, French

Diploma : 2004
Languages spoken : English, French

Dental assistant
Diploma : 2020
Languages spoken : Albanian, French

Listening to your opinions from our clinic in Meyrin

5-star service and cutting-edge technology:

The CHD experience

Our specialists use the most innovative technologies: the EMS No-Pain system, 3D scans, cavity detection without X-rays, operating microscopes, etc.

Let’s take a look ! Let’s take a look !

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