Wisdom tooth extraction

Stop the clichés!

“Those who seek wisdom are wise, those who think they have found it are fools” (Seneca, 1st-century philosopher), “and those who extract wisdom teeth are surgeons” (CHD philosopher).

Wisdom teeth (the third molars) appear in late adolescence. Since most young adults don’t have enough space for these teeth to fully emerge, they remain fully or partially impacted.

First things first

During the first consultation, the surgeon will take a panoramic X-ray to analyse the number, position, and roots of your wisdom teeth. In some cases, you may need a “3D Cone Beam” CT scan to give us more details so we can plan the surgery in 3 dimensions. Lastly, we’ll give you a preoperative prescription and provide you with a cost estimate.

Wisdom tooth extraction at the CHD

Wisdom teeth have a high risk of infection and can cause inflammation in the surrounding tissue. They can also lead to cysts or benign tumours and cause cavities or root resorption in adjacent teeth. Extraction is often the best way to prevent these problems.

We now have minimally invasive and very rigorous protocols to extract wisdom teeth that make the process much less traumatic for the soft tissue, which has considerably reduced postoperative sensitivity.

It’s essential for a dentist trained in the surgical procedure to extract the tooth, since they’ll proceed much more quickly. This improves patient comfort and shortens postoperative recovery.We remove wisdom teeth at your pace. We adapt to your needs and you can count on our experience and our gentleness to make the best of this dreaded procedure!


At the end of the session, your dentist will give you personalized recommendations on good oral health practices following your wisdom tooth extraction.


On estimate after evaluation   from 150 to 500.-

You can pay by invoice and in instalments.

Wisdom tooth extraction is often seen as an invasive procedure that can cause swelling. With today’s gentle methods, this postoperative problem rarely occurs. Most of the time, the healing process is quick and patients return to work the next day.

Dresse Schaer, Surgeon – CHD Lausanne.