CHD Insurance

The CHD Insurance

In Switzerland, many people neglect their oral health for economic reasons, since insurance companies rarely cover dental costs.

Our CHD Insurance plan is our way of addressing this issue at our level. And we hope other practices and clinics will follow our example to help create an overall movement to reduce health costs.

Our insurance in two words:
Accountability and quality care.

How does this insurance work?

To join the programme

First, book a complete check-up with the dentist. At the end of the appointment, you’ll have 2 options:

You don’t have any dental problems
If we don’t find any oral health issues, you can join the programme immediately.
You need treatment
If you have problems that require treatment (cavities, defective fillings, gum recession, infiltrated crowns) you must do so at your own expense before joining the programme.

Once you’re in the programme

You promise to
Come to all your appointments with your hygienist and follow their oral hygiene recommendations. The frequency of these visits depends on your risk factors (varying from once a year in most cases to 4 times a year for some patients with advanced gum recession).
We promise to
Cover the cost of any treatments you may need despite your commitment to maintaining your oral health.

In summary

The foundation of this insurance programme is your empowerment: we make sure you understand the impact of dental hygiene on your oral health. We’ll do our part by offering a full range of appropriate, top-notch care.

*Please note that the programme doesn’t cover “cosmetic” care, such as whitening, dental veneers, or orthodontics.

*You don’t have to join the “Insurance” programme to be a patient at the Dental Hygiene Clinic.