Gum grafts

Loose teeth or receding gums require particularly close attention.

Gum grafts are an effective way to treat gum recession by adding tissue onto the exposed tooth root. They can also prevent future tooth loss.

First things first

You’ll consult with the surgeon to determine the technique that is most appropriate in your situation. You’ll then see the hygienist before the surgery to create a clean and healthy environment for the procedure.

Gum grafts at the CHD

We often use grafts when the gums have receded or there is insufficient attached gum.

The exposed roots are more vulnerable to cavities and hypersensitivity (teeth that are sensitive to temperature), which can affect your long-term quality of life.

Your teeth may also look longer and spaces between your teeth may appear. This can negatively affect your smile, which is especially unpleasant when it occurs in the front teeth.

Gum grafting involves three main steps:

  • Preparing the graft site
  • Harvesting of the graft
  • Grafting this tissue onto the recession

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia.


At the end of the session, the surgeon will give you personalized recommendations on good oral practices to ensure the gum graft heals properly.

This is one of the treatments patients find most satisfying: the results are visible almost immediately, discomfort is rare, and teeth are offered long-term protection. But few patients even know about this surgery!

Dr Arnaud, Surgeon – CHD Meyrin, Geneva and Yverdon – Nord Vaudois.


On estimate after evaluation     ~1000.-

You can pay by invoice and in instalments.