The dental check-up

Children this age prefer ketchup to check-ups, but this consultation is very important!

At the CHD, we want every child we treat to have a healthy mouth and get the education they need to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent disease throughout their life. As a bonus, we can give them a different, warmer, and more relaxed perception of dentistry!

First things first

Let’s be honest: if there’s any professional that parents fear more than their kids do, it’s the dentist. We can all remember the horrible appointments we had when we were little. So we’re working hard to change this image and modernize the profession so your children will (finally) feel comfortable in our chair.

Whatever your child’s age, our priority is their well-being: we take our time, show them our tools, listen to them, and make sure they have a positive experience so they’ll feel relaxed during their next appointments … and the rest of their life!

A dental check-up for your children at the CHD

This appointment allows us to detect possible cavities and problems in the number or position of the teeth or the jaw alignment, which could affect facial symmetry as they grow.

It’s important to understand that what’s important is not the situation at a given time, but rather how it evolves. So we’ll base our treatment plans on comparisons between our clinical exams.

And don’t forget that oral hygiene is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth. If needed, the dentist will refer your child to the hygienist for an initial teeth cleaning, recommendations on cleaning techniques, and to answer any questions you may have. Ask away, we can even give you nutritional advice!

This appointment occurs at your child’s pace, with all the empathy we’re known for.


At the end of the appointment, the dentist will offer your child personalized recommendations on good oral practices.

Your next appointment

Depending on your child’s lifestyle, diet, saliva quality, and the condition of their teeth, the dentist will set a personalized tartar control schedule to help your child maintain good oral health and reach the goal of zero cavities.

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Communication is the starting point when we work with children: how can we expect to treat your child if we don’t put them at ease with clear communication? To do this, practitioners must be kind and patient.

Dr Kumar, Dentist – CHD Lausanne.


Dental check-up for a Child with X-rays (under age 10)    95.-

Dental check-up for a Child with X-rays as part of the Clean service (under age 10)    50.-

Check-up (under age 10)     from 78.– to 120.-

Let’s get involved in prevention of violence against children.
5% of our profits for all “Dental check-ups” are donated to the Patouch association, the Swiss Association for the prevention of violence against children.