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Do you want to discover our Dental Hygiene Clinics in Switzerland?

You really need to come to our dental clinics in Geneva, Meyrin, Lausanne, and Yverdon! All of our clinics are easily accessible by foot, by car ( parking lots nearby), by public transport, by bike, by scooter, or any other means of transport. Our dental clinics are also accessible and optimized for disabled people. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding their accessibility.

What are the timetables for our CHD Dental Hygiene Clinics?

Our specialists and dentists from all our dental clinics in Switzerland will welcome you with a smile in our CHD clinics located in Geneva, Meyrin, Lausanne, and Yverdon.

Monday to Friday
7am – 9pm

8am – 5pm

Dental Hygiene Clinic
Lausanne Sallaz

Place de la Sallaz
Route de Berne 1
1010 Lausanne

021 652 10 00 021 652 10 00

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Discover CHD Lausanne Sallaz Discover CHD Lausanne Sallaz

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Avenue Haldimand 105
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

024 459 60 00 024 459 60 00

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Discover CHD Yverdon Discover CHD Yverdon

How did we build the CHD in Switzerland?

… Thanks to a lot of conviction, hard work, and our faithful patients !
More precisely, the CHD Dental Hygiene Clinic is the first dental clinic specializing in dental hygiene and prevention. In April 2016, the idea of these innovative clinics germinated, where hygienists have a central place in the therapeutic arsenal of dentistry.
A warm and welcoming clinic, happy to receive patients as they are, without any judgment, in a completely innovative and uninhibited environment. But shhh, we won’t tell you more, you’ll just have to come and pay us a visit in order to be sure!

Want to know more about the history of our Dental Hygiene Clinics in Switzerland?

This way please! This way please!