Dental crown

The last option for protecting a tooth that is decayed or weakened by a root canal.

A crown completely covers the visible part of a tooth.

It can be used for extremely broken teeth, teeth that have been repaired with a root canal, or to cover teeth that have been filled too much.

First things first

We’ll start by discussing all the treatment options with you. We then make an impression of your tooth before beginning treatment so we can create a perfectly adapted and attractive temporary crown to protect your tooth while the lab technician makes the permanent ceramic crown.

Dental crowns at the CHD

When a tooth is too decayed for conventional composite resin restoration or even an onlay, the dentist has no choice but to cover it with a crown. The crown protects the tooth and even restores its long-term strength and appearance.

The CHD uses crowns that are made in Switzerland (in Meyrin). They’re metal-free and 100% ceramic, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance and better biocompatibility.

Let’s see how they work:


Your dentist will place the crown then do a check-up X-ray you’ll look at together. You’ll then see a hygienist to talk about the best way to properly clean your crown to make it last longer. Nothing should be left to chance!


On estimate after evaluation    ~1200.-

You can pay by invoice and in instalments.