Treating cavities

We believe in being creative to make the process fun and comfortable for your child!

Since cavities are preventable, it’s our responsibility to help your child avoid them in the future! At the CHD, we want every child we treat to have a healthy mouth and get the education they need to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent disease throughout their life. As a bonus, we can give them a different, warmer, and more relaxed perception of dentistry!

First things first

Let’s be honest: if there’s any professional that parents fear more than their kids do, it’s the dentist. We can all remember the horrible appointments we had when we were little. So we’re working hard to change this image and modernize the profession so your children will (finally) feel comfortable in our chair.

With children, there’s no need to rush; patience is always key. Showing them our instruments, listening to them, and being gentle means your child will have a positive experience and feel more relaxed during their future appointments … and the rest of their life!

Treating cavities in children at the CHD

We start by putting the tooth to sleep, removing tooth decay, and filling the cavity with a composite resin. We explain things, tell stories, and offer real support: we believe in being inventive to create the conditions that will ensure your child has a positive memory of the dentist.

This appointment occurs at your child’s pace, with all the empathy we’re known for. And if your child is still too anxious, we can use a conscious inhalation sedation technique (with your approval). We relax your child with a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which is the most common technique for performing complex treatments in very young children.

Feel free to ask your dentist for more information.


At the end of the session, the dentist will give you personalized recommendations on good oral health practices for your child: if possible, have them keep their hands out of their mouth!

Your next appointment

The dentist will set up a personalized tartar control schedule for your child so they can maintain good oral health and achieve the goal of zero cavities in the future. This will depend on their number of cavities, their commitment to good dental hygiene, and the alignment of their teeth.

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Each child is different, especially in the presence or absence of their parents. Some need more time than others, but one thing is universal: as soon as we explain and show them how laid-back the treatment is, they begin to trust us and we can move forward with the treatment. It sounds simple, but it actually takes a lot of experience!

Dr Thiery, Dentist – CHD Lausanne


Treating cavities in children     from 90.– to 250.-

Exact estimate before treatment.

Let’s get involved in prevention of violence against children.
5% of our profits for all “Treating cavities” are donated to the Patouch association, the Swiss Association for the prevention of violence against children.