Teeth cleaning and check-ups for children

To avoid too many dental appointments at a young age…

At the CHD, we want every child we treat to have a healthy mouth and get the education they need to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent disease throughout their life. As a bonus, we can give them a different, warmer, and more relaxed perception of dentistry!

First things first

Whatever your child’s age, our priority is making them comfortable: we take our time, show them our tools, listen to them, and make sure they have a positive experience so they’ll feel relaxed during their next appointments … and the rest of their life!

Teeth cleaning and check-ups for your children at the CHD

These visits are an opportunity to detect any cavities and other problems. The hygienist will also offer recommendations on your child’s oral hygiene (the right toothpaste, type of toothbrush, brushing technique, etc.) and answer all your questions. Ask away, we can even give nutritional advice!

The dental hygienist will then clean your child’s teeth to remove plaque, tartar, and stains.

This appointment occurs at your child’s pace, with all the empathy we’re known for.


At the end of the appointment, the hygienist will give your child personalized recommendations on good oral practices.

Your next appointment

Depending on your child’s lifestyle, diet, saliva quality, and the condition of their teeth, the hygienist will set a personalized tartar control schedule to help your child maintain good oral health and reach the goal of zero cavities.

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It’s important to start going in for check-ups early on (age 3) to give the child a positive experience. We recommend incorporating these visits into routine outings. This will educate your child and prepare them for the habits they’ll need to adopt.

Dr Pagliara, Dentist – CHD Geneva.


Teeth cleaning + check-up for children (under age 10)     79.-

Teeth cleaning + check-up for children (over age 10)      140.-

Let’s get involved in prevention of violence against children.
5% of our profits for all “Teeth cleaning and check-ups” are donated to the Patouch association, the Swiss Association for the prevention of violence against children.