Teeth cleaning for patients with implants

Because we don’t clean implants the same way as natural teeth…

If you want your implants to last, you have to take care of them. At the CHD, we’ll clean your teeth using specific techniques adapted to implants.

First things first

Our hygienists are here for you! Tell us about your needs, your oral hygiene habits, and your preferences during the cleaning: do you want noise-cancelling Bose headphones? Do you want to keep watching your favourite Netflix series? This is also the perfect time to ask any questions you can think of.

Teeth cleaning for patients with implants at the CHD

Teeth cleaning is an important part of your check-up. At the CHD, we use manual (Deppeler) and ultrasonic (EMS) instruments specially designed to clean around the implants without damage.

We offer two scaling (tartar and plaque removal) techniques:

  • Using ultrasound instruments from the Swiss brand EMS, with state-of-the-art “NO-PAIN” technology
  • And manually using high-precision manual curettes (from the Swiss brand Deppeler)

 We’ll then polish your teeth using two additional techniques:

  • With an air polisher (AIRFLOW from EMS)
  • Using pastes of different grit size applied to the surface of your teeth.

All of these techniques are painless, particularly when done regularly.

If your gums are swollen because you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a while, the hygienist will adapt to any increased sensitivity with gentleness and empathy. And make sure you express any preferences regarding the manual curettes or ultrasound instruments so we can make a note for next time.

The check-up:

During your teeth cleaning appointment, the hygienist will also conduct a complete check-up that includes two free X-rays. This will allow the hygienist to refer you to your regular dentist or one of our on-site dentists if you need further care.


The purpose of cleaning is to ensure that you don’t have any plaque or tartar deposits around the implants to avoid inflammation that could affect their longevity. Since implants require different care than natural teeth, the hygienist will give you personalized oral hygiene recommendations at the end of your appointment.

Your next appointment

Your next appointment (recall) will be booked as part of the CHD’s personalized follow-up plan. It will be based on your lifestyle, the quality of your saliva, and other parameters to help you maintain optimal oral health. And we’ll take care of reminding you: let us know if you prefer a text message, letter, or e-mail!

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Teeth cleaning + polishing + check-up + 2 xrays    140.-

A comprehensive visit during which your hygienist will also make sure you don’t have any oral health problems.