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This page features all the information you’re looking for about the CHD Clinique d’Hygiène Dentaire in Geneva. 


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Rue de Lausanne 65
1202 Geneva

Cornavin Train station (a few minutes walk)
Tram 15 – Stop Butini
Private parking


Monday to Friday
7am – 9pm

8am – 5pm


We treat emergencies

IMMEDIATE appointment IMMEDIATE appointment

How long will I wait for an appointment with a dentist at the CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire office in Geneva? 

Expect to wait an average of at least 3 days for an appointment at Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva (except dental emergencies, which we treat the same day, within 24 hours).

At our dental clinic in Geneva, we are committed to making your dental care seamless:

  • Extended hours, from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays
  • Appointments with our orthodontists and surgeons until 9 pm
  • A waiting list for appointments if we can’t find a time that works for you right away.

Does Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva handle dental emergencies? 

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire handles dental emergencies in Geneva: you can make same-day emergency appointments from 7 am to 9 pm.

Emergency appointments are intended to:

  • Provide rapid pain relief
  • Keep infections from spreading and complications from developing
  • Plan any necessary follow-up care
  • Ensure you can eat normally as soon as possible

How much do procedures cost at CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva? 

A dental cleaning at CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva costs 140 CHF.

Our flat rate also includes polishing, a check-up by a hygienist, and 2 X-rays.

Because our goal at CHD is to make dental hygiene and preventive care affordable for everyone, we set our price below the national average of 160 CHF (which doesn’t even include X-rays!).

And for children under 10, we charge just 79 CHF, also including 2 x-rays.

For all other treatments, we wanted to get the best possible quality / price ratio, with the best service possible. In addition, we have joined associations that support initiatives promoting prevention, and this never has an impact on the prices of our treatments. Thus, the 5% of each treatment that we donate to the Patouch association are entirely at our expense, which is also the case with the Vaudoise League against Cancer, or the Red Cross. You can find a few examples of our prices below:

  • Teeth whitening (home treatment): 390 CHF and then just 20 CHF for each subsequent treatment
  • Filling: approximately 250 to 400 CHF, depending on the size of the cavity
  • Orthodontic treatments: starting at 2,500 CHF, based on our orthodontist’s quote
  • Dental implants: from 2,700 CHF, based on our surgeon’s quote

To know the exact costs of your treatment, the dentist, the surgeon, the orthodontist or the hygienist will make an estimate which can in no case be exceeded. No surprises, your treatments are explained to you and you just have to set up an installment with the assistants.

This can be done in 3 ways:

  • Installment over 24 months, without interest
  • An initial deposit, then monthly installment, without interest
  • A direct payment after each appointment

Our receptionists are at your disposal for all questions related to the payment of your treatments or details concerning your quotes: do not hesitate to contact them!

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire: a dental office in Geneva, located on the right bank between Cornavin station and the United Nations

The CHD in Geneva is right next to Cornavin station, near the international organizations. You can reach us via tram 15 (Butini stop), or by car via our private car park. And if you’re ecologically minded, hop on a bike or walk on over!

Thank you to all our lovely patients, and see you soon at the clinic!

The story of CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Geneva 

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire was founded in Geneva in 2016 by 3 partners, Thainara, Sofian, and Robin, a dental assistant and 2 dentists… and most important of all, 3 friends!

Just 5 years after we opened with a grand total of 5 employees, we were proud to hire our 80th employee in 2021, as part of a team spread across 4 sites in Geneva, Meyrin, Lausanne, and Yverdon.

Our goal was to create welcoming, judgment-free spaces focused on dental hygiene and preventive care where everyone feels at home. 

Clinics with affordable prices and top-notch care. Our goal wasn’t low-cost dentistry, it was making “Made in Switzerland” quality affordable for everyone in a unique environment!

What is CHD’s philosophy? 

CHD (Clinique d’Hygiène Dentaire) is the first Swiss clinic to focus on dental hygiene and preventive care.

Our top priority is promoting regular dental hygienist appointments and making them affordable for everyone

We want everyone to understand the key role that dental hygienists and regular cleanings play in long-term oral health. When you make regular cleanings a habit, you’ll be cavity-free and avoid complications and expensive dental and medical bills down the road! 

Good dental hygiene pays off by preventing serious issues like damaged, painful teeth, tooth loss, and more. 

At CHD, we’re here to help you do that and to show that even in Switzerland, everyone can afford to take care of their teeth and have a great smile.

Dozens of studies have shown that most dental diseases are caused by dental plaque. That’s where our dental hygienists come in. They:  

  • remove dental plaque and tartar
  • teach personalized brushing techniques
  • identify at-risk patients
  • provide preventive treatments as needed (fluoride, sealants, bonding)
  • provide regular, personalized follow-up
  • catch dental problems early and refer you to a dentist as needed

It really is all about dental hygiene, prevention, and regular routine visits!

Learn more about our dental clinic in Geneva

The CHD team in Geneva

The typical CHD team is young, professional, and dynamic.

Did you think that dentists at the end of their career are necessarily more experienced? Actually, dentistry has changed considerably in recent years with the arrival of digital technology, 3D design, invisible orthodontic treatments and minimally invasive techniques. So we’ve chosen the best of each by focusing on areas of expertise and surrounding ourselves with young, dynamic, passionate practitioners trained in the latest dental techniques.

What’s the difference? We believe in listening to you and working with you, and we think it’s high time to modernize our profession.

Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, English

Degree: 2016
Speaks: French, English

Degree: 2021
Speaks: French, English

Degree: 1999
Speaks: French, English, Creole, German

Dr Pagliara
Clinic Director
Degree: 2013
Speaks: French, English, Italian, Spanish

Dr Hussein
Clinic Director
Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, English, Somali, Italian

Dr Ghukasyan
Degree: 2020
Speaks: French, English, Armenian, Russian and German

Dr Guau
Degree: 2019
Speaks: French, English, Spanish, Italian

Dr Yoann Cantin
Degree: 2014
Speaks: French, English

Dr Onetiu
Degree: 2014
Speaks: French, English, Romanian

Dr Rinaldi
Degree: 2012
Speaks: French, English, Spanish

Dr Schutz
Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, Swiss German, English

Dr Bodart
Degree: 2019
Speaks: French, English

Dr Delavy
Cosmetic dentist
Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, English

Degree: 2017
Speaks: French, English, Arab

Dental assistant in charge
Degree: 2016
Speaks: French, English, Portuguese

Orthodontic assistant
Degree: 2017
Speaks: French, Portuguese, English

Degree: 2017
Speaks: French, Albanese, English

Degree: 2015
Speaks: French, Spanish

Degree: 2018
Speaks: French, Arab

Degree: 2023
Speaks: French, Albanese

Degree: 2022
Speaks: French

Degree: 2024
Speaks: French

Degree: 2024
Speaks: French

Degree: 2024
Speaks: French, Portuguese

Thainara Mascaro
Degree: 2014
Speaks: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Dr Ameur
Managing Director
Degree: 2011
Speaks: French, English

Dr Ameur
Managing Director
Degree: 2011
Speaks: French, English

5-star service and cutting-edge technology:

The CHD experience

Our specialists use the most innovative technologies: the EMS No-Pain system, 3D scans, cavity detection without X-rays, operating microscopes, etc.

Let’s take a look! Let’s take a look!

Still not close enough to you? Tell us where you’d like a CHD, and we’ll let you know as soon as we open a clinic in your area!