5-star service and state-of-the-art technology

By offering innovations in our services and techniques (and we promise we won’t pass this on to you in our fees).

To be honest, we’ve reimagined the concept of patient care in a dental clinic environment to benefit you and our staff! Did you think you were the only ones who thought dental offices were old-fashioned and austere? Truth be told, our hygienists and dentists didn’t like working in those conditions either. Working in a warm and pleasant atmosphere allows our staff to provide even better treatment.

Here’s an overview of these innovations.

The EMS NO-PAIN system
No more painful cleaning sessions! You can finally visit the dentist without fear thanks to the EMS No-Pain technology.

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Cavity detection without X-rays
Some people don’t want X-rays for a variety of reasons: pregnancy, advanced age, recent exposure to other radiation (plane travel, a stay in the mountains, etc.) or simply because you’re against it.

We can detect cavities early while still respecting your choices using a new transillumination method with no radiation. The latest studies show the amazing effectiveness of this technology compared to what can be seen with the naked eye.


ZOOM 2 Advanced Whitening by Philips
After comparing many professional whitening products, we chose Philips and its ZOOM 2 Advanced Whitening System.

Beyond the fact that Philips is the market leader in tooth whitening, there are two key features that offer fast results with no sensitivity:

  • A state-of-the-art lamp that effectively eliminates the deepest stains, with a shorter application time

Gels with lower concentrations than other brands (25% H2O2 hydrogen peroxide), reducing potential post-whitening sensitivity.

MEOPA or laughing gas
For complex dental treatments in children (or in special adult cases), we provide a nitrous oxide inhalation sedation system called MEOPA. It’s nontoxic and allows us to treat patients with anxiety disorders.

AIRFLOW air polisher
As part of the modernization of scaling and polishing systems, the AIRFLOW is one of the biggest advances of the last 10 years.

Air polishing uses air and water at a high enough pressure to project a controlled flow of powder that eliminates stains and bacterial deposits above and below the gum line without damaging tissue. Air polishing is both effective and non-invasive, offering a gentle cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas.

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3D scanning
Are you tired of impression putties that make you nauseous? Welcome to the club! We’ve all had to suffer through these products, which is why we use 3D digital scans.

The scanning device captures an image of your mouth, replacing a conventional impression. As a bonus, it’s more precise and reduces the lab processing time, since we can just e-mail the scan!


Anything to make you comfortable

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