Teeth whitening

THE most requested treatment

We use cutting-edge products that allow us to whiten your teeth effectively with reduced sensitivity.

First things first

The hygienist systematically performs a complete check-up to make sure you don’t have any problems or contraindications for teeth whitening. It’s important to remember that we’ll only whiten clean teeth with no tartar or stains. You must have had your teeth cleaned within 2 months before your visit.

Teeth whitening at the CHD

We offer two whitening techniques:

Chairside whitening with the Philips Zoom 2 Advanced Whitening System

Our clinics use the Philips Zoom! system, the pioneer in professional whitening. This is the most effective and most-requested treatment. It features a new LED technology that provides better results and reduced sensitivity.

The session involves the following steps:

  • A check-up, quick polish, and 90-minute chairside whitening session
  • Application of a product to “remineralize” the teeth and avoid sensitivity after the whitening treatment

Please note: chairside whitening must be followed by at-home whitening to obtain and maintain the best possible result (2 or even 3 years depending on the case)

Home whitening

We use the Philips Zoom! DayWhite or NiteWhite systems. This is the only home whitening system that contains ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate).

Beyond its dramatic whitening effect, this system also protects enamel, reduces sensitivity, and increases the brightness of your teeth.

At-home bleaching requires two appointments:

  • Appointment 1: We check for cavities and take an impression of your teeth to make custom-made whitening trays
  • Appointment 2: you try out the trays, we explain how to use the product, and we give you the whitening pack

Please note: you can do at-home whitening without coming into our clinic, but in-office whitening must be followed by additional at-home whitening to obtain lasting results.


Your teeth whitening treatment would be incomplete without recommendations from your hygienist, who will always offer you nutritional advice to ensure the results are effective and long-lasting.

Your next appointment

The advantage of at-home whitening with trays is that you can repeat the process whenever you want by buying a bleaching syringe for 20.- So hang onto your trays!

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For patients who’ve done in-office whitening, we recommend continuing your treatment at home to obtain and maintain the best possible results. But you can also whiten your teeth at home without an in-office treatment.

Jolaine, Dental Hygienist – CHD Lausanne.


At home zoom! Whitening     390.-

Chairside zoom! Whitening + At home zoom! Whitening     750.-