Dental emergencies Lausanne:
how can I find an appointment ASAP?

Dental emergencies in Lausanne: find an immediate appointment

Need an immediate appointment for a dental emergency in Lausanne or the surrounding area? Our team at Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne is here for you, with an appointment the same day or within 24 hours.

Contact us at: 

021 652 10 00 021 652 10 00

Place de la Sallaz, Route de Berne 1,
1010 Lausanne

My teeth hurt, can I call Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne for emergency care?

Yes! If your teeth are hurting, you can call CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne for emergency dental care. The emergency number to reach our on-call dentist is 021 652 10 00.

We’re here for all your dental emergencies including sudden tooth pain, toothache, sensitivity, and chronic pain and we’ll see you the same day or within 24 hours.

What should I do in a dental emergency?

Here’s what we recommend doing in a dental emergency:

  • If part of your tooth is broken off, don’t throw it out! Disinfect it if possible, then store it in physiologic serum, milk, or even water. We may be able to cement it back in place!
  • You’ll also need to file a report with your insurance so it will cover all your treatment costs.
  • If you experience sudden swelling, apply ice or a cold pack to the affected area.
  • To temporarily relieve tooth pain, you can apply cloves (crushed and applied directly to your tooth or as an infusion or mouthwash; never use essential oils).
  • If the pain is unbearable, don’t try to tough it out! Come in and see us right away.

What are Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne’s emergency hours?

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne can handle any dental emergency from 7 am to 9 pm, Monday through Friday and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

We recommend scheduling your emergency appointment by email, phone, or WhatsApp, but you can also come in for a same-day walk-in appointment.

Our on-call dentists are here to provide fast relief and initial emergency treatment for intense pain and accidental damage.

Where is our dental clinic in Lausanne located?

CHD Clinique Hygiène Dentaire Lausanne Sallaz is located at route de Berne 1 1010 Lausanne.

It occupies the entire 1st floor of the Tour de la Sallaz, right near the M2 Sallaz stop and the terminus of bus lines 6, 41, 42, 65 and 75. Easy access is a priority for us, so you can also park in the La Sallaz parking facility. You’ll get 2 hours of free parking for every procedure, including emergencies.

Does CHD also handle dental emergencies in other cities in Switzerland?

Yes, we also handle emergencies in Geneva, Meyrin and Yverdon.