Teeth straightening

Don’t believe we can straighten your teeth invisibly in just a few months? We bet you we can!

Have you always been bothered by crooked or overlapping teeth, yet avoided orthodontic treatment? We understand your hesitation, particularly about wearing braces. That’s why the following statistic might interest you:

95% of adult patients no longer wear braces, but rather Invisalign aligners. Another figure? This treatment takes about 6 months on average. Regardless of the duration, the principle remains the same: this isn’t a complete orthodontic restoration, we simply straighten your teeth according to your wishes.

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Kids and teens, let’s talk about orthodontics. Kids and teens, let’s talk about orthodontics.

First things first

Your satisfaction depends on the goals you set with the orthodontist:

The idea isn’t to impose a comprehensive treatment that takes years but to efficiently straighten the teeth you want. So tell us all about your concerns and how you want to improve your smile.

Teeth straightening at the CHD

Our orthodontic treatments are provided by … orthodontists. Sounds obvious, right?

But if you look online, you’ll find non-specialized dentists or boutiques offering these treatments that think they can straighten teeth without damaging the roots or the underlying bone. Unfortunately, the consequences of inadequate teeth straightening can’t be seen immediately. So take care of your teeth by doing a single treatment.

When you come to the CHD to straighten your teeth, you’ll only ever see an orthodontist.

Once we figure out the best treatment, we’ll place your aligners. You’ll replace the aligners as your teeth shift and gradually move into the desired position (which you define with your orthodontist).

When your treatment is complete, and before you can proudly display your new smile at Paléo, we use one of two “retention” techniques:

-Either a light wire (splint) permanently glued to the inside of your front teeth

-Or a retainer you wear at night to maintain the alignment

These 2 retention techniques are an important part of the treatment and are included in the initial estimate.


Once your teeth have been straightened and your retention method applied, we’ll schedule an appointment with the hygienist to go over the most appropriate accessories and techniques to comfortably clean all areas so you can maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Your next appointment

The good news? You don’t need to come in too often: 1 appointment with the orthodontist every 6 weeks is more than enough!

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Patients always think that it takes 1 or 2 years to straighten their teeth and they’ll have to wear braces. We’re helping change dentistry by offering quick and discreet techniques such as Invisalign aligners.

Dr Bodart, Orthodontist – CHD Geneva.


Teeth straightening    from 2000 to 6500.-

Exact estimate before treatment.

Kids and teens, let’s talk about orthodontics. Kids and teens, let’s talk about orthodontics.