Night guard—teeth grinding (bruxism)

How to alleviate headaches and sleep well again?

The night guard is a removable appliance that keeps you from grinding your teeth and rehabilitates the chewing muscles by training them to relax. It’s so simple and comfortable you won’t be able to go without it.

First things first

The dentist will first determine whether you’re grinding your teeth (bruxism) or clenching them. Either of these can occur day or night, but they’re more frequent at night while you sleep. This can lead to worn-down teeth or even loss of dental tissue, which can cause the muscles and joints to compensate and provoke referred pain. There are many causes, but it’s usually directly linked to anxiety and stress.

Night guards to treat teeth grinding (bruxism) at the CHD

During your first appointment, we’ll diagnose the issue and make impressions with high-precision material to design and create the mouth guard in collaboration with the technician.

During your second appointment, we’ll place and adjust the mouth guard. It’s made for a single dental arch, preferably the upper teeth, and only covers part of the teeth. It usually features a comfortable inner layer and a more rigid outer layer, allowing for protection as well as rehabilitation/relaxation of the mastication muscles.

To learn more, watch our explanatory video:


At the end of the session, your dentist will touch-up the surface to ensure a precise fit and explain how to take good care of your mouth guard.

A lot of patients with migraines and neck pain don’t understand the cause until they’re diagnosed with bruxism.

Dr Guau, Dentist – CHD Geneva.


Night guard    650.-

On estimate after evaluation.
You can pay by invoice and in instalments.