( why do we have to do this / billing conditions? )

    Why do we have to do this?

    Whatever the activity (doctor's office, restaurant, hairdresser, etc.), we are all victims of (too) many missed appointments.

    Unfortunately, when you don't show up at your appointment, you can’t really measure the many repercussions that this can have for the company, and even less so in our very particular field.

    Due to our medical training, our first reaction is to hope that nothing serious has happened to you: we are precisely confronted with dozens of accidents on a daily basis, with terrible oral consequences for our patients, and this is also one of the reasons why we have set up a system for taking care of the emergencies on the same day, within 24 hours.

    When this is not the case and it comes from another minor reason, you have therefore blocked the possibility for another patient to benefit from an essential treatment or an emergency treatment to relieve him of his pain. As a reminder, appointments with hygienists can obviously represent so-called “essential” appointments in the case of people suffering from gum diseases (periodontitis), and we strive to offer them appointments as soon as possible.

    We are particularly accessible: you can book your appointments by phone, website, email or even WhatsApp and that is why we kindly ask you to select one of these means to contact us at minimum 24 hours in advance of any cancellation or postponement of an appointment in order to allow another patient to benefit from our medical services.

    We are committed to providing you with the best care possible in excellent conditions and would therefore like you to be able to respect your commitment: that of simply coming to your appointment!
    You will understand perfectly that we prefer to invest all our energy and kindness with respectful and committed patients.

    We also remind you that the CHD is not run by investment funds or finance specialists like most of other dental clinics: our company is simply run by 3 young health professionals that you can actually come across every day in the clinics. For this reason, missed appointments not canceled in advance have a real negative impact on our operation and the organization of our teams.

    Billing conditions for missed appointments not canceled 24 hours in advance:

    However, it is perfectly understandable that a last minute change could take place or that an unexpected event exceptionally prevents you from honoring your appointment at the CHD. This is why the first unexcused missed appointment is never charged when a new appointment is scheduled.

    Starting from the second missed appointment, we charge a fixed price of 80.-, i.e. lower than the recommendations of the SSO (Swiss Society of Odontology), and much lower than the cost of the treatment for which the appointment has been reserved for you.

    This fixed price was set up on 01.01.23 and is by no means used by the clinic itself: it was decided to donate all of this amount to the training of our clinical teams.

    We thank you for your understanding and wish you an excellent experience at the CHD.

    You must accept the billing conditions before validating.