Orthodontics for children and teens

Do you want your child to have straight teeth that are well aligned and easy to clean? Leave it to us!

Children should generally see an orthodontist for the first at around age 6. A consultation at this age serves to check the number of teeth and their position or to detect jaw problems that may require early treatment.

I’m an adult and I want to straighten my teeth invisibly.

Orthodontics for Adults Orthodontics for Adults

First things first

Before starting orthodontic treatment, we first make sure your teen doesn’t have any cavities and is brushing their teeth correctly. Our hygienists are there to help your teen adopt good oral hygiene. If this oral hygiene is already deficient without braces, you swelling will only increase once the braces are fitted, which will slow the straightening process.

Orthodontics for children and teens at the CHD

Around 15–20% of patients between 6 and 10 years old are advised to begin initial treatment to help their teeth and jaws develop properly.

This phase is usually short and involves minimal use of orthodontic appliances.

For the others, the process starts between the age of 11 and 16!

This isn’t surprising given that teens have full adult teeth although their jaws are still growing. We can easily treat the majority of cases, from the simplest (dental alignment) to the most complex (malocclusion due to incorrect jaw positioning).

At this age, children accept and tolerate orthodontic treatments quite well. This is important because their cooperation is essential to the success of these treatments!

We use metal or ceramic braces according to your teen’s wishes, and can even use Invisalign aligners or lingual braces (behind the teeth) for those who want an invisible treatment.

What does an orthodontic treatment look like?

  • During the first appointment, we’ll collect information such as photos, X-rays, and fingerprints. This allows us to study any poor positioning of the teeth and create a treatment plan that includes the aesthetics of the entire face.
  • Once we’ve placed the appliance or braces, we’ll plan to see your child around once a month. Please note that an orthodontist, not an assistant, sees your child each time.

When the orthodontic treatment is finished, we’ll place a wire behind the teeth or offer a “support” tray to maintain the alignment and proper positioning of the upper and lower teeth.
This is included in the initial cost estimate.

Our estimate gives a fixed rate that includes the entire service, with no extra costs, ever. From the outset, you’ll know exactly how much the treatment costs: no nasty surprises!
We want to change orthodontics, which is why our estimate no longer depends on the length of the treatment. If the treatment takes longer than expected, our estimate won’t increase: it’s up to us to be efficient!


Orthodontic treatment is an important personal and financial investment. This is why we do everything in our power to provide an ideal result.

Your next appointment

We set the next appointment during the personalized follow-up we offer at the CHD. You’ll typically have one appointment a month for orthodontic treatments.

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Most of the time, we’d rather begin an orthodontic treatment when all the adult teeth have come in. This allows us to be more effective and offer shorter treatments. We don’t think it’s useful to give your child a series of orthodontic appliances at a very young age.

Dr Schütz, Orthodontist – CHD Meyrin.


Orthodontics for young children (age 6 to 10)       from 2500 to 3500.-

Orthodontics for teens (ages 11 to 16)     from 6000 to 9500.-

Exact estimate before treatment.

Let’s get involved in prevention of violence against children.
5% of our profits for all “Orthodontics for children and teens are donated to the Patouch association, the Swiss Association for the prevention of violence against children.

Orthodontics for Adults Orthodontics for Adults