How much does a cleaning cost?

Dental cleanings are a routine part of dental care. But it can be hard to interpret different clinics’ prices and to figure out what goes into them. How much does a cleaning cost? What guarantees does CHD offer for its cleanings? A closer look at dental cleaning prices in Switzerland.

The inside skinny on dental cleaning prices

  • On average, a dental cleaning costs CHF 160 in Switzerland.
  • At CHD, we charge CHF 140. 
  • At CHD, each cleaning includes a full check-up to ensure we provide personalized care that meets your unique needs.

How much does a cleaning cost at CHD?

At CHD, we charge a flat rate of CHF 140 for cleanings. We could talk about that decision for hours! But what really matters is that it’s an appropriate rate for all our patients, based on a number of factors.

What makes a CHD cleaning worth what you charge?

Our commitment to public health and average cleaning costs

In line with our commitment to public health and affordable preventive care, we set our SSO rate point value at 3.00. That’s below the insurance cap for covered procedures (3.10). 

The average SSO point value applied by Swiss dental practices is 3.70, and the average cost of a cleaning is CHF 160.

Above- and below-gum care plus a complete check-up

We set our price for cleanings based on the SSO rate for a 60 minute procedure, including a 5 minute diagnosis and consultation session with the hygienist.

A cleaning performed by a CHD hygienist includes scaling above and below your gums. Most clinics skip the area under your gums since it takes time and special instruments to avoid damaging your gum or causing irritation. That means a cleaning at CHD takes more than 30 minutes.

Your session with the hygienist also includes a full dental check-up, valued at CHF 77.70. That means the cleaning itself costs just CHF 140 – CHF 77.70 = CHF 62.30

The only potential add-on cost is x-rays, at CHF 16 each.

Sterilization that exceeds Public Health recommendations

Our sterilization procedures go above and beyond the Public Health recommendations, costing us an average of CHF 4.50 per visit. You can even track the sterilization cycle for each instrument on our invoices. When you factor in sterilization, your cleaning costs just CHF 62.30 – CHF 4.50 = CHF 57.80.

Dental hygienists: personalized care providers

We are committed to hiring the best providers. They have to meet tough hiring standards and undergo continuing education to make sure they stay up-to-date to bring you optimal care. All of our cleanings are provided by dental hygienists – not preventive care assistants like in many clinics. Article on the difference between hygienists and preventive care assistants.

Cutting-edge technology

Our commitment to providing optimal care means using the highest-quality instruments. That’s why we use leading Swiss brands like EMS, Deppeler, and Curaprox, after a tough trial and comparison period that lasts over 24 months.

Patient feedback

Our patients appreciate the quality of our service – and you can’t provide outstanding care on the cheap.

Conclusion on CHD’s dental cleaning prices

In short, we could have tried to slash our cleaning prices even further to reach even more people. But that would mean cutting back on the quality of the care we provide or the equipment we use. And that’s not who we are. Our hygienists and dentists can take the time to make sure you have the keys to a healthy mouth.

We are committed to providing the best possible care. We hope you will enjoy it.

How to get in touch with CHD Dental Hygiene Clinic?

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