Root canal treatment

When you’ve waited (a little too long) to treat your tooth decay…

If a cavity has progressed to the tooth’s nerve, we’ll need to do an endodontic treatment (root canal) to heal and preserve the tooth.

First things first

Since patients all have different roots, we take an X-ray of the decayed tooth to determine its length and anatomy to facilitate disinfection. The dentist also performs a brief check-up to detect any other problems that would require priority treatment.

Root canal treatment at the CHD

At the CHD, we use a mechanized endodontic system that provides a quicker and more precise root canal treatment for our patients’ comfort.

Depending on the complexity, the number of roots, and the level of infection, one or more sessions may be needed.

By nature, a devitalized tooth is more fragile. To strengthen the tooth and improve its durability, we usually reconstruct the tooth indirectly with lab-made pieces (inlay/onlay or sometimes a dental crown).

End of the session

After the treatment, we take an X-ray and look at it together: the root canal closure must have reached the end of the roots and be perfectly sealed to guarantee long-term success: this is where we work our magic!

When necessary, we use an operating microscope with up to x40 magnification to provide top-quality treatment even in the most complex cases.

Dr Costa, Dentist – CHD Lausanne and Yverdon – Nord Vaudois.


Root canal treatment     from 400 to 1200.-

On estimate after evaluation.
You can pay by invoice and in instalments.