Inlays and onlays

When only part of your tooth remains … we’ll do our best to keep it!

Inlays and onlays are the best way to reconstruct a tooth in cases of advanced decay.

If you’re particularly unlucky or waited too long to have a tooth fixed, it may be so broken that it can’t be reconstructed with the famous hand-carved “composite resins”. The amount of remaining dental tissue determines the treatment plan required to reconstruct the tooth permanently.

First things first

The dentist always performs a complete check-up of your mouth to make sure you don’t have other problems. We also take X-rays to determine the depth of the decay and to see what is hidden underneath (what isn’t visible to the naked eye).

Inlays and onlays at the Dental Hygiene Clinic

Inlays and onlays are lab-made prosthetics in composite resin or ceramic that are bonded to the decaying teeth. The procedure is as minimally invasive as possible, using modern techniques that take advantage of progress in dental medicine. They’re resistant to wear and breakage, even if little of the tooth is left for them to adhere to. Onlays are also the most advanced option in aesthetic terms since they’re nearly invisible to the naked eye.

The treatment requires two appointments. On your first visit, we’ll prepare your tooth and make a digital impression with our 3D scanner. When the piece is ready, you’ll come in so we can fit it onto your tooth.


At the end of the session, the dentist will make sure the onlay can be properly cleaned and you can chew well with it. The gap between the onlay and the tooth must be undetectable to guarantee long-term success and maximum comfort.

Since an onlay represents 90% of the tooth’s missing volume, it’s a little like putting in a new tooth! The result is extremely satisfying.

Dr Miceli, Dentist – CHD Lausanne and Yverdon – Nord Vaudois.


Ceramic onlays    from 900 to 1200.-

On estimate after evaluation.
You can pay by invoice and in instalments.