Oral medicine and pathology

How about we take a closer look at your oral mucosa?

Oral medicine and pathology, the broadest dental speciality, could be considered the dermatology of the oral cavity.

First things first

Lesions in the oral mucosa can look different and vary in origin. If you notice any changes in your mouth, ask your dentist for a check-up. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Oral medicine and pathology at the Dental Hygiene Clinic

Do you have a white spot, nodule, ulceration, or erythema? The strength of this speciality is its analysis of data collected from patients to determine the cause of oral lesions. The dentist examines the entire oral cavity in-depth, and may ask for additional exams: biopsy, excision, etc.


When we carry out an additional exam, we send it to the lab for analysis by a pathologist. Once you’ve been diagnosed, your dentist will contact you to offer personalized recommendations and plan the next steps in your treatment.

It’s the least talked-about dental speciality, yet we can sometimes detect chronic diseases through ‘simple’ oral lesions. This is the very definition of prevention!

Dr Rodia, Surgeon – CHD Meyrin and Genève.


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