Filling replacement

Do you have silver fillings? We can switch them to resins that are both aesthetic and durable.

If you’re embarrassed to show unattractive grey metal fillings (amalgams) when you smile, we can replace them with hand-carved white resins or ceramic onlays that last just as long as your old fillings.

First things first

The dentist always performs a complete check-up of your mouth to make sure you don’t have other problems. We also take X-rays to determine the depth of the filling to be replaced and see what is hidden underneath (what isn’t visible to the naked eye).

Filling replacement at the CHD

At the Dental Hygiene Clinic, we use a strict protocol to replace amalgam fillings (grey metal fillings). We do this in an operating field under a dental dam, using strong suction.

To replace your amalgams, we use two techniques:

  • Composite resin for small and mid-sized cavities
  • Ceramics for big cavities

We apply white composite resin (available in up to 6 shades according to the natural colour of your teeth) in several layers then sculpt it into the cavity using a rigorous bonding protocol that requires just one session.

Since the lab is involved with ceramics (inlay/onlay), two appointments are needed. This material is even more aesthetically pleasing, solid, and long-lasting. It’s ideal for large cavities or old fillings that have cracked the tooth.


At the end of the session, the dentist will make sure the resin restoration he has sculpted can be properly cleaned and you can chew well with it. This meticulous treatment leaves nothing to chance! Here are several important recommendations for fillings:

According to the scientific literature, fillings with mercury aren’t necessarily harmful and it’s possible to keep old fillings in excellent condition. However, when they begin to wear, they crack the tooth, which may then break. That’s why we systematically examine your fillings to plan for their replacement and avoid major repairs if your tooth breaks: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This is one of the most satisfying treatments for patients because the results are immediate, offering new life to teeth that have been worn and cracked by old fillings.

Dr Hussein, Dentist – CHD Geneva and Meyrin


Composite resins   from 200 to 400.-

Ceramic onlays   from 900 to 1200.-

On estimate after evaluation.
You can pay by invoice and in instalments.