Quick polishing

Or how to make your teeth smooth, clean, and soft in just 20 minutes!

Have you had a complete cleaning recently, but coffee, tobacco, or wine have left ugly stains on your teeth? This treatment is for you!

First things first

This treatment is only offered between two full cleaning appointments. You get unlimited polishings as part of the Happy service. Want to know more? Right this way.
Right this way. Right this way.

Quick polishing at the CHD

The session lasts 20 to 30 minutes. We use the EMS air polisher (AIRFLOW) technique.

If you’re a new patient, you need to get a full cleaning and check-up first. Why? Because it’s a bad idea to remove unsightly coffee or tobacco stains without first checking the condition of your teeth or gums. Our hygienists are medically prohibited from cleaning these stains if you have tartar build-up or if your teeth or gums are unhealthy.


By the end of the session, your teeth will be free of unsightly stains (tobacco, coffee, tea, etc.): you’ll leave with smooth, soft, and shiny teeth. We’ll also give you specific dental hygiene recommendations so you can keep your teeth looking great and prevent stains from returning quickly.


Quick polishing (20 minutes)      42.-

Air polishing to remove unsightly stains (coffee, wine, tobacco, etc.).