Replacing missing teeth

Ready for a brilliant smile and comfortable chewing?

Thanks to prevention, our patients are now keeping their teeth healthy for longer. However, it may still be necessary to extract one or more teeth. The goal of replacement is always the same, regardless of the technique: to keep the adjacent teeth from moving and upsetting the balance in your mouth, while ensuring a perfect appearance and chewing comfort.

First things first

We perform a complete check-up of the oral cavity and take X-rays so your dentist can offer the treatment best suited to your needs and budget. We always take the time we need, and this is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions!

Replacing missing teeth at the CHD

The CHD offers four types of dental prosthesis, each with indications and advantages:

  • The dental implant, the best known and most common
  • The bridge or fixed bridge, which is permanently attached to the adjacent teeth
  • The removable partial denture, held by clasps that connect to adjacent healthy teeth
  • The complete denture that replaces all the teeth


At the end of the session, your dentist will refer you to the hygienist, who’ll give you very specific oral hygiene recommendations to care for your new teeth. Everyone’s teeth are different, so we’ll figure out the best dental hygiene method for you.

There are many ways to resolve the problem of missing teeth and the aesthetic and functional consequences, no matter your budget!

Dr Maksoud, Dentist – CHD Geneva and Meyrin.


Implant (on estimate)     starting at 2700.-

3-unit birdge (on estimate)     starting at 3000.-

Removable partial dentures (on estimate)     starting at 1200.-

Removable complete dentures (on estimate)     starting at 2200.-

On estimate after evaluation.
You can pay by invoice and in instalments.