Surgical periodontal therapy

Surgery to eliminate recalcitrant periodontal pockets and reconstruct the gum.

Periodontitis or periodontal disease is an infectious disease that destroys the soft tissue around one or more teeth. Periodontitis is mainly caused by an accumulation of tartar and plaque under the gums.

The supporting tissue gradually detaches from the tooth and more space appears between the tooth and the gums, causing the teeth to move and the gums to recede (the teeth appear longer).

First things first

Periodontal disease has three phases: slight, moderate, and advanced. When you need surgical periodontal therapy, the surgeon will analyse the results of the initial non-surgical treatment and re-evaluate the situation as well as areas that require intervention.

Surgical periodontal therapy at the Dental Hygiene Clinic

After the initial phase of non-surgical treatment and re-evaluation, the periodontist may turn to surgical methods that include:

  • Targeted intervention in residual periodontal pockets (if necessary) and gum contouring to make it easier to brush your teeth and use interdental cleaners
  • Reconstruction of bone and gum destroyed by periodontal disease (reconstructive surgery, tissue regeneration, bone regeneration)


At the end of the session, the surgeon will offer you personalized recommendations on good oral practices to follow after surgery.

Periodontal disease is hard for patients to identify because it’s not painful. Without regular check-ups, it’s often diagnosed too late (patients consult for loose teeth or receding gums). And once your condition has been stabilized, it requires thorough and regular treatment for the rest of your life.

Dr Rodia, Dentist and Surgeon – CHD Meyrin and Geneva.


On estimate after evaluation    ~800.-

You can pay by invoice and in instalments.