The dental implant is usually the best solution to replace on or more missing teeth. It is actually a screw-like titamium equivalent of the missing tooth root, which is placed in the supporting bone and is completely biocompatible.

After the osseo-integration phase has been successfully passed (the process where the bone heals around the implant, stabilising the latter), the implant can be loaded with a singular crown, a bridge or a hybrid prothesis.

In case there is a demanding esthetic need regarding your smile, during the period of osseo-integration we can construct an esthetic temporary crown.

A dental implant placement is a minor surgical procedure based on the experiences of our patients, the post-surgical symptoms are comparable to those of a typical simple tooth extraction.

It is good to know that there are plenty of dental implant companies to choose from; the expertise, the scientific research and the quality of the protocols and materials used differentiates the final product.

At the CHD we choose to offer to our patients only the best: the Straumann Institut dental implant.

A product made in Switzerland, coming from one of the two founding houses of the whole dental implant concept back in the ’70s.

That is why Straumann is considered a pioneer in their respective field.