Carie dentaireTreat your cavities by one of our dentists, using a highly esthetic last generation material, that resembles the colour and anatomy of your teeth, for an extremely discreet result.

We are using a specifically designed material (dental composite) that enables us to restore every old, broken or lost filling/reconstruction in your mouth; with the same material we can address limited in size defects of the dental tissues (small cavities, fractures, developmental defects etc.). Your new esthetic restorations will be highly resistant to fracture and wear and can last many years.

In cases where the carious lesion is quite extended our dentists will propose you a stronger ceramic reconstruction (inlay/onlay), that guarantees a greater longivity and a better resistance to mastication forces.

Your fillings are visible when you smile making you feel self-conscious? At the CHD we treat every dental condition leaving no visible trace !