It is necessary to brush your teeth two or three times per day, using a toothbrush with supple bristles, and during three minutes.

You can divide your mouth into four quadrants : the right-hand upper quadrant, left-hand upper quadrant, right-hand lower quadrant and left-hand lower quadrant.

Each quadrant must be brushed during 45 seconds. We advise you to have a watch or an hourglass within reach.

The positioning of the toothbrush depends on the zone which you are going to brush :

1. Start with the internal and external surfaces of the teeth. Position your toothbrush at 45 degrees at the level of the gum, and then you do small movements while going from the gum towards the tooth, as if you would paint a wall. Also, take care about cleaning properly the back side of the last tooth.

2. Then you have to brush the chewing surfaces. For that, you hold the toothbrush down flat the chewing surfaces and then you brush them.

3. Once you will have reached the internal surfaces of your fore teeth, put your toothbrush vertically and clean these surfaces with the point of the toothbrush.

5.  Brush your tongue backwards and forwards to get rid of the food remains and of the bacteria responsible for bad odours and to refresh your breath.