A quick reminder about periodontitis :

Periodontitis is an infectious bacterial disease, that attacks and destroys the supporting tissues around one or more teeth.

It is mainly caused by the bacterial formation around, over and under the gums (biofilms and scale).

Those tissues get gradually detached from the teeth and the space between them gets bigger and bigger, causing some mobility for the tooth and exposing the roots (thus making the tooth appear longer).

Periodontitis is a silent disease because it usually has no painful symptoms. If the patient doesn’t follow a regular check up schedule, it can be quite late when the disease is diagnosed (resulting in moving teeth or intensely exposed roots). What is more, this disease – once treated properly and stabilised – demands a regular check-up for life, to prevent any possible relapses.

There are three stages of periodontitis: mild, moderate and severe.

After the first step of non-surgical treatment and re-evaluation, if necessary, the periodontologist (a dentist specialised in periodontology) can propose a surgical periodontic approach, which is basically :

  • The targeted treatment of residual gum pockets and a re-designing of the gum contour around the new attachment level, so that a proper dental hygiene routine can be more efficiently executed.
  • A guided reconstruction of the gums and the bone volume lost because of periodontitis (reconstructive surgery, guided gum and bone regeneration).
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