Our story

The story of the CHD is a bit like the story of a lifetime; with its crazy laughs, its moments of joy and euphoria, but also many moments of doubt, stress and exhaustion…

In fact, behind our clinic you won’t find a big financial institution or your typical management committees and businessmen; in our case, it was the concerted efforts of two young health professionals (23 and 31 years old) which gave birth to this project.

The CHD is the result of a simple equation : all different kinds of dental problems (cavities, gum disease etc.) are caused by the presence of dental plaque and scale (tartar) (A). A dental hygienist is the designated dental professional to eliminate plaque and tartar, and provide to the patient the means and the guidance needed to eliminate their re-appearance (B).

This way, if we were to eradicate dental problems in the Swiss population, we would need to promote dental hygiene and, most importantly, make it accessible to everyone. However, before the CHD, getting a hygienist appointment wasn’t as easy as going to – say – the hairdresser’s (C) ! the patient would have to book an appointment with the dentist, who would then refer him to the hygienist, who would be free at least three or four weeks later and only during regular office times.

So, going back to the equation : A + BC = CHD !

Brainstorming for our project, we wanted to create a place where every single patient would find their individual space, of complete comfort and trust. A place with no out-of-proportion costs, but in the same time without compromising our quality standards. We weren’t looking for a low-cost solution, but for a “Made in Swiss” affordable one.

In other words, we wanted to make dental hygiene easily accessible to everyone, since it’s the fundamental base of good overall dental health. With all those thoughts as guidance, on 8 April 2016 the CHD opened its doors and welcomed its patients as the first Swiss centre specialized in dental hygiene.

At this point, we would sincerely like to thank all of our patients and the members of our team.

Without the trust, the loyalty and the recommendations of our patients we wouldn’t be able to continue forward.

Without this wonderful, devoted and professional team, the CHD wouldn’t exist.

A heartfelt thank you to all !