At the CHD our aim is to motivate your child once and forever to care about their dental and general oral hygiene. We can guarantee your that each and every one of our young patients will grow up with a healthy mouth, knowing in detail how to properly take care of their general dental hygiene and avoid dental and oral diseases and other complications.

It’s better to have a first appointment rather early in life (usually at the age of 3 years), so that the child has a pleasant first experience with the dental environement and can build a reliable relation with the team. Having a regular recall program for your child will teach them the importance of control and check-up appointments in the future, so that they can always benefit from a good level of oral hygiene.

During those appointments, we can catch up early manifestation of initial cavities (decay) and other oral/dental issues. We also use this time creatively to personalise the daily mouth care for your child (which tooth paste is better for each stage, which type of brush, which technique etc.) and answer any possible worries.

Then the hygienist will perform the scale and polish for your child, thus eliminating the plaque, the scale and possible colour marks

The scaling is done with the EMS Ultrasound system, with the additional use of the manual Deppeler curettes. At the CHD this treatment is pain-free: we use the latest EMS ultrasound system – from an emblematic Swiss company – combined with the new NO-PAIN technology.

Personalised Follow-Up Program (recall) :

Based on the lifestyle of your child, their nutrition, the quality of their saliva, their gums and their teeth, the hygienist will put in place a personalised recall program, which will help them maintain an excellent lever of oral hygiene and reach the ultimate goal of ZERO CAVITIES! By the way, no need for you to keep their appointment in mind; we will remind you with a letter, sms or a personalised call!

Scale and Polish Dental Hygiene Clinic in Geneva