A root canal treament (or simply an endodontic treatment) is a procedure aiming to heal a deeply infected tooth. Once a cavity has reached the pulp chamber (where the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are situated) an endodontic treatment is necessary to treat the tooth and eradicate or prevent a further infection.

At the CHD we use a mechanised ENDO system that offers a great precision of movement, and allows us to execute the necessary steps in much less time, thus improving the patients comfort. Additionally, if necessary, our dentists will use the operating dental microscope which offers a magnification of the field of up to 40x, that enables a quality treatment, even in the most complex and demanding cases.

By definition, a devitalised tooth becomes more fragile. Based on the international protocoles of tooth loss prevention, at the CHD we will propose a highly resistant ceramic reconstruction of your devitalised tooth (inlay/onlay/full coverage crown), so that it will stay robust and in complete function for a long time.