At the CHD our aim is to motivate your child once and forever to care about their dental and general oral hygiene. We can guarantee that each and every one of our young patients will grow up with a healthy mouth, knowing in detail how to properly take care of their general dental hygiene and avoid dental and oral diseases and other complications.

During the first appointment we get the opportunity to spot potential cavities and any other possible problems. We also discuss efficient ways for everyday oral care.

It’s better to have a first appointment rather early in life (usually at the age of 3 years), so that the child has a pleasant first experience with the dental environement and can build a reliable relation with the team. Having a regular recall program will teach them the importance of control and check-up appointments in the future, so that they can continuously benefit from a good level of oral hygiene.

To sum up, based on the individual needs of your child, at the CHD we will adapt the treament to the their specific profile.