Bruxism is the phenomenon of grinding or clenching the teeth. It can happen unconsciously day or night, but it usually takes place when we are sleeping.

Bruxism can be quite intense in some individuals causing an extensive tooth wear. It can also be the cause of muscular pain and tension around the masticatory system.

This phenomenon is based on many different causes, but stress and anxiety are among the principal ones.

How can we treat the problem ?

Since there are many different causes linked to the problem and usually stress has a major role in there, unfortunately until today there is no single “miraculous” treatment available. However, it is advised in cases like this to offer to the patients, first of all, an approach as less invasive as possible.

That’s why we propose an oral occlusal guard to prevent the extensive damage on teeth, help your muscles relax and relieve the joint tension. Specifically fabricated for your mouth based on impressions taken, it’s basically an acrylic mouth guard that covers and protects the occlusal surfaces of your teeth. It can be used day or night and it basically blocks the two arches from coming in contact.

Thus, with time you will wear off your mouth guard and not your teeth !

How many appointments are needed ?

During the first appointment you will have a control of all the elements involved in bruxism and then you will have your impressions taken. In the second appointment, the mouth guard will be tested in your mouth and all necessary adjustments will be done. A frequent recall program and some additional adjustments in the future might be advised.