Are you avoiding smiling in public or having a close-up photo taken ? The glances of others at your smile make you feel uncomfortable ? Are you missing one or more teeth and would like to replace them ?

The CHD proposes 4 different types of teeth replacement treatments, each one with their own advantages and indications :

  • The dental bridge, a partial fixed prothesis, cemented in the teeth surrounding the gap.
  • The partial removable denture, supported by surrounding teeth with special metalic attachements.
  • The complete removable denture, that replaces all teeth.
  • The dental implant.

Why replace your missing teeth ?

A tooth’s position in the mouth is actually affected by the surrounding teeth. When a tooth is lost, it needs to be immediately replaced, otherwise the rest of the teeth will start moving around, in an effort to close the gap. What is more, when a gap is left in the mouth, the supporting tissues (bone and gums) get gradually absorbed, thus costing in bone volume; this will heavily affect the possibility to put a dental implant in the future. In other words, replacing a missing tooth can be seen as a preventative act, to help avoid expensive future complications.

Missing teeth can make us all feel uncomfortable… stop feeling awkward about it and ask about the best esthetic solutions available in your case !