Our philosophy

Our mission

The CHD (Clinique d’Hygiène Dentaire) is the first swiss center specialising in dental hygiene and prevention.

We do our best so that every single individual has a regular and affordable access to the dental hygienist.

We believe it’s of great importance to understand the valuable role of the dental hygienist and the significance of regular visits. This way the patient can avoid new cavities (decay) forming silently without notice, and they can save a lot of money of possible expensive treatments.

Basically, we can prevent a lot of painful complications (for example, tooth wear/decay, loss of teeth caused by periodontitis etc.) just by maintaining a good dental hygiene and following regularly a hygienist recall program

The CHD helps you reach your dental hygiene goals and proves that even in Switzerland taking care of your teeth and having your best smile is affordable to everyone.

Based on numerus studies, the majority of dental problems are caused by dental plaque. Our hygienists take action to :

  • Remove the plaque and tartre present
  • Teach you the best brushing techniques, according to your individual needs
  • Recognise and inform you if you are a high-risk patient
  • Perform preventative treatments, if needed (fluoridation, fissure sealants etc.)
  • Present you your individualised follow-up program necessary to maintain an excellent level of hygiene for a long time
  • Diagnose dental problems and direct you to a dentist for the necessary actions

In other words, we put the attention in the following important factors: dental hygiene, prevention and a personalized follow-up program of simple control visits.

High-tech equipment and an exceptional service

We use simply the best products in our field : swiss-made equipment of the last generation (Deppeler , EMS)

our hygienists, members of the Swiss Dental Hygienists Group, follow the protocols proposed by the School of Geneva, and they keep their education up-to-date regarding new techniques and innovations

we were honored to participate in the clinical development of EMS’s latest innovation in the field of scale and polish systems; in the same sense, we collaborate regularly with other companies in our field

we often have the pleasure to welcome international colleagues in our premises, where we discuss and présent the principles and protocoles our clinic’s function is based on

Why choose the CHD ?

  • Accessibility for all : affordable prices and appointments within 48 hours.
  • Comfort : painless interventions and services to make each visit as comfortable as possible.
  • Made-in-Switzerland : foundation training, equipment and protocoles entirely made in Switzerland.
  • Innovation : cutting-edge equipment for treatments of the highest precision.

Testimonials from our clients