Your dental treatment free of charge !

Are you ready to maintain an exceptional dental hygiene level ?
We are ready to offer you your dental treatment, done by a dentist, free of charge !

Being the first Swiss Centre specialising in dental hygiene and prevention, we are presenting – for the first time in Switzerland – the « FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee » program : we take care of your dental treatment (done by a dentist) in case a dental problem arises, if you follow scrupulously your dental hygiene recall program.

How does it work ?

First step : you take an appointment with a dentist for a complete check-up.

Following this, there are two possibilities :

1. You have no cavities and no gum disease related problems; in case you already have old restorations in your mouth (fillings, crowns etc.), they are in good shape

You can immediately enter the program

2. You have untreated cavities, gum disease and/or old filings and crowns that need replacement

You need to treat all unsolved issues, so that you can enter the program

And after that ?

You need to strictly abide by the individualised recall program you will discuss with your hygienist, based on your personal profile of risk factors; and you need to respect all your appointments.
For certain patients 1 appointment per year is enough, for others a recall is fixed every 6 months; there are those, in higher risk of disease relapse, where the appointments will have to be every 3-4 months.
Don’t worry about remembering your appointments ; we will take care of that !
We will remind you, as you prefer : by mail, telephone call or sms.

How do you benefit from « FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee » ?

You pay only your hygienist appointments (CHF 140 per rendez-vous).
And from our part, we guarantee to cover all necessary dental treatment, in case a problem arises.

Which types of dental treatment are covered ?

We will take care of all necessary dental treatments, except for those of a pure esthetic interest, like teeth whitening or dental veneers .

What are the advantages ?

Our « FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee » program will prove to be much more cost-effective for you than a typical complimentary dental insurance plan :

You only pay a small fee for your hygienist appointments every year, rather than having to pay heavy monthly insurance fees.
You pay for an actual service you receive (scale and polish treatment), rather than giving money away to the insurance for no direct treatment.
You actually pay CHF 0 in case you will need a dental treatment; rather than having annual budget limits and being restrained by your insurance contract on the kind of service you can receive.
Everyone – children AND adults – can benefit from the « FREE DENTAL GUARANTEE Program », while – in general – dental insurances will not necessary cover for all adults.

Why was this program created ?

Unfortunately, many people in Switzerland today decide to neglect their dental and oral health, simply due to budget related reasons; a situation that has become a really thorny Public Health issue. (View TV Report)
In the CHD we decided to take action !

It is well documented today that a great number of complications and diseases of the oral cavity can be avoided if we focus on prevention and maintaining a good level of oral hygiene.
This is simply why we have developed this unique and innovative program: the « FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee ».
A program based on two main pillars :
• the quality of dental treatment we provide
• the accountability of our patients to abide by the necessary dental hygiene scheme and their individualized recall program

Based on this regular recall plan with the hygienist, we make sure that :
• we avoid numerous appointments to treat new found calvities
• we avoid paying a fortune at the dentist or even worse having to renounce necessary dental treatment for budget-related reasons
• we provide swiss dental care, based on our world-renowned swiss protocols, thus protecting our patients from risky trips abroad for necessary dental treatment, which cause unnecessary stress and may hide great health dangers
• our patients do not need to pay for an additional dental insurance plan, having strict annual budgets and compromising on the dental care they deserve.

At the CHD we propose a simple way where dental hygiene and prevention play a predominant part in everyone’s daily routine !
With this patient-practitioner « contract » we also aim to sensitize our patients regarding the importance of following regularly their hygienist recall program.

Am i obliged to take part in the« FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee » programm of the CHD ?

No matter the dental service in question, you can absolutely be a patient of our clinic without participating in the « FREE DENTAL CARE Guarantee » program.
Our hygienists and dentists are at your complete disposal.