The team of the CHD is highly qualified to undertake oral surgery cases, like the extraction of wisdom teeth. For your comfort, for making sure that the procedure is done quickly and with as less post-surgery effects as possible, it is advised to have this kinds of interventions done by a dentist specialised in oral surgery.

The eruption of the wisdom teeth (the third molars) begins usually at the end of puberty. In most cases, the jaw space left is inadequate to accommodate the correct placement of those teeth, resulting in a partial or complete impaction. Consequently, there is a higher risk of infection, adjacent tissue inflammation, cyst or benign tumour development and the second molars standing to the side can be easily decayed or develop root resorption.

The extraction of wisdom teeth is, therefore, the best solution to avoid all those complications. Based on a panoramic xray that you can have taken, our dentists can evaluate the risks involving your third molars and propose you one or more extractions, if necessary.