Dental Hygiene Clinic : regarding our treatment costs

In our clinic we propose the most modern protocols, the best materials and an impeccable service at an unbeatable quality / price ratio. We calculate our competitive prices based on the hygienist state price guide, and we keep our “valeur de point” charging index as low as 3.0 CHF for all hygienist treatments.

For dental treatments executed by one of our dentists or specialists the charging index is set at 3.70, respecting the SSO charging guide.

Generally, this charging index in Switzerland varies from 3.1 (for beneficiaries of Social Care services) to 5.8 CHF.

Appointment not canceled 24 hours in advance will be charge regarding the SSO tarification.

Note: the first dental appointment and the dental hygiene sessions should be paid on site the day of your appointment. However, for more costly treatments (gum disease, reconstructive dental treatment) you have the possibility to receive the bill at home and pay in numerous installments of up to a year.