Scale and polish always go together. They aim at eliminating the scale and the plaque that accumulate over and under the gums.

The scaling is done by an EMS ultrasound, and the additional manual finishing with manual Deppeler curettes. At the CHD this treatment is pain-free: we use the latest EMS ultrasound system – from an emblematic Swiss company – that offers with the new NO-PAIN technology.

The air-polish finishing allows us to remove dental stains (from coffee, tea, cigarettes etc.) and gives back to the teeth their smooth and glossy surface. This way it’s gonna be more difficult for plaque and scale to re-accumulate around your teeth.

Personalised Follow-Up Program (recall) :

Based on your general lifestyle, the quality of your saliva and your gum type, your hygienist will propose you a personalised treatment plan, in order to maintain a good level of dental and oral health. By the way, no need for you to keep your appointment in mind; we will remind you with a letter, sms or a personalised call !

Check-up included :

During your appointment of scale and polish, your hygienist will completely check your mouth and teeth to make sure there are no obvious underlying problems. In case there are, she will provide you with a report so that you can proceed in treatment with your dentist, or she will address you to one of the dentists of our team.

Scale and Polish Dental Hygiene Clinic