Since prevention is the base of our philosophy, we made the check-up an integral part of the scale and polish appointments.

It is absolutely necessary to have a general dental control at least once a year.

This way we can thoroughly check for any alterations in your general dental and gingival condition (cavities, gum recession, gingivitis, periodontal pockets etc.). In case something troubling is found, we attack the problem immediately before it deteriorates, thus avoiding treatments more complicated, expensive and invasive. Better preventing that treating !

In case our hygienists find a cavity or another problem, they will provide you with a report to bring to your dentist or they will address you to one of the dentists of our team, to continue the treatment.

The control appointment is normally concluded with two small dental bite-wing radiographs (33 CHF), which serve to check for any interdental cavities we cannot see clinically and any other underlying problems concerning old fillings, crowns and other dental work.

For the patients who wish to avoid having x-rays taken for reasons of radiation (despite the very limited dosage, thanks to our digital equipment), we offer the alternative of detecting cavities with the transillumination technology, without any health side-effects and of course with no pain. With this special appliance, we can also detect miniscule dental fractures.