Your old fillings are visible when you smile making you self-consious ?

Changing those grey/black amalgam fillings is possible, but a specific process is necessary using the indicated materials in each case.

At the CHD we implement a strict protocole for this treatment; we use a specifically adapted operating field (the rubber dam) and a strong suction.

For changing an amalgam, there are two adequate techniques in place :

  • The use of dental composite is indicated for cavities of limited or medium extend.
  • The use of ceramic is indicated for greater cavities.

The dental composite comes in various colour shades, respecting the anatomy and natural appearance of your teeth; it is applied in numerous layers, respecting the latest protocoles of bonding, and takes a single appointment.

The use of ceramic comprises a laboratory step, thus making two appointments necessary. However, the final result is of a superior aesthetic, is more robust and generally lasts longer against mastication wear. For those reasons, it is the material of choice for big cavities.

Amalgam Filling Replacement Dental Hygiene Clinic in Geneva